September 2008 LET Passers

LET Passers – PRC Exam Results for Teachers September 2008

The September 2008 Licensure Examination for Teachers conducted September 28, 2008 will soon be posted here.  Stay tuned for more updates.  Subscribe our blog and we’ll notify you once PRC results for LET September 2008 is released.

Watch out for the September 2008 LET passers, topnotchers.  Bookmark this page (CTRL+D) so you can get back to here quick, or you can type the to your URL.

Goodluck to all the examinees.
September 2008 LET PRC Results Released!

Congratulations to the new teachers, PRC announced 17,816 elementary teachers out of 58,471 examinees and 18,801 secondary teachers out of 53,195 examinees successfully passed the LET September 2008.

Here are the links where you can check the list of LET Passers:

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203 Responses to “September 2008 LET Passers”

  1. when can we know the result for board exam for teachers held last september 2008? please do a reply on my yahoomil account…please do it asap….thank you… :=)

  2. kelan ung result ng LET?

  3. I want to know the result of last july civil service exam so that i will know if i can past or what? thank you and God bless.

  4. Please……
    Kapag meron na hong results ipost nyo naman po sa frontpage oh….
    Para madali na naming mahanap yung pangalan namin kasi sabik na Sabik na talaga ho kaming malaman yung resulta ng exam…..
    sana ho ay inyong ipost agad sa frontpage.
    Salamat ho sa inyong pagbigay ng atenisyon dito!

  5. result na LET
    Rayhanna S. H. Yasser

  6. gud day………
    pwede po bang malamn kung kailan i release ang resulta namin sa board exam last Sept. 28, 2008…ty

  7. in what part of your list do i will see the result of the exam of teachers last september 2008?

  8. kindly send the names of the passers!!!!!!!blog it on my ad

  9. Jennifer Agadia on November 7th, 2008 at 8:49 am

    mam pwde ba ipasa yong result sa akin kung naka pasa ba ako sa Board Exam (A-B)

  10. nasaan ang list??????

  11. Jonalyn P. Baltazar on November 9th, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    Have a blessed morning Ma’am/ Sir,

    I just want to inquire you Ma’am/ Sir if what date they release the board examination result for teachers, last September 28, 2008.

    Thanks Ma’am/ Sir for your in reading my message,

    May the Lord Bless us always.

  12. Please send me a result of 2008 LET Exam….thankz a lot…

  13. alma maquiniana on November 11th, 2008 at 1:09 am

    Please email me for the result. Thanks for the info.

  14. Hey Dude,

    Can’t wait to see my brother’s name listed among the LET passers.


    Daddy YO.

  15. pls be inform in my email if pasado ako o hndi huhuhu

  16. Hi Sir,

    I am so eager to see the result of our exam. I hope you could post a list within this month. This will help me to evaluate my self and will give me a cue if I have to study harder for the next exam if I fail this exam. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa””””””””.
    Actually I am so hopeless because I did not review in any school, but rather I had a self review. But I am still hoping for a miracle.(“,)

  17. marites m. fernando on November 11th, 2008 at 10:04 am

    anu ba yan,,
    ang bagal ng prases ng results kaylangan na namin nyan..,,
    excited kasi ako..!!!!
    kainis kayu!!!

  18. marites m. fernando on November 11th, 2008 at 10:04 am

    anu bah

    asan nah

  19. please post nu n poh ung result ang tgal n nmi n hnintay yan ah sobrang tagal nd sobrang haba ng process nu pano aasenso bansa ntin nyan

  20. gudevening sir..can u plss send to my email the result of Let Board Exam last september 29 2008..tnx

  21. Geguinto, Mary Chris F. on November 11th, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Kailan nyu i post LET Exam 2008. Gus2 na namin makita!!

  22. Geguiento, Mary Chris F. on November 11th, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Pls. post nyu na ang LET Exam 2008. THX.!!! By JABEZ

  23. Geguiento, Mary Chris F. on November 11th, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Saan na ang Result ng LET Exam 2008. Post na na PLs….

  24. wey,,,,,madnemadne mo,,,,nabayag cguro ti agpili ti pumasa….hahaha, joke lang!!!! pls. post the result as soon as possible for us to know… txn…congrats in advance who made it,,, may God bless us all…

  25. how long do we still need to wait???????????????? plZZZZZZZZZZZZZ send to my email the result………….ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. san na poh?

  27. plz!

  28. passers of sept. LET! san na?

  29. please post the LET result september 28,2008

  30. have a blessed evening!, when can i know the result for board exam for teachers held last september 2008? please do a reply on my yahoomail. i will wait for the list of passers. Am i belong for the passers? hope so…, … thank you ! ! !

    MAY GOD BLESS ! ! !


  31. Good Evening
    Please send the LET result on my email
    if i pass the exam.JANICE C. MONDIDO
    Thanks po.

  32. in what exact date will we know our exam result. hoping we pass the exam.


  33. pls send me LET passers pls!!!!

  34. hey guys kelan ba talaga ang result ng board examination?

    so tired of waiting..

  35. What’s taking them so long to release the LET Results?

  36. way to go in boredom…
    we’r having a hard time waiting for the result.. you’re prolonging our agony…

  37. antagal ng results..
    please send it to my mail pag lumabas n..
    thank you

  38. cant wait for the result.when will it be available??

  39. please irelease na ang result sa board exam for teachers

  40. Ma. Lourdes B. Corteza on November 13th, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Kindly send me the result of 2008 LET exam here. Thanks.

  41. plz send to me the result of the exam my brothr is excited about it….so plz send it to me….

  42. please send the result of let.thanks a lot. god bless

  43. I just want to know the let result………

  44. wen will you post the let results for septeber 2008? can you mail it to me? tnx..

  45. send me d result.tnx.

  46. …meron na poh ba???
    ….klan poh malalaman???
    …sana meron na!!!
    ….thanks poh!!!

  47. when could the prc release the list of LET board exam result last september 2008.

  48. paki post nman na po agad the RESULT OF LET PASSERS.

    Thank you

  49. kindly send through my email the result of LET PASSERS…

    Thanks a lot

  50. pls send the final result of the LET BOARD EXAM Thru my email add.thanx

  51. Richard Quintos on November 14th, 2008 at 6:07 am

    can you please post immediately the LET results because we need it!!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!!

  52. gud day!!! is the LET results available (LET secondary)……..?

  53. ay nku!!until nw ala pa result..grbe nman sobrang tgal nman…anu ba gngwa nla ung ibng ngtke ng board exam mrun FAVORITISM POH BA S PRC?

  54. Miraflor A. Catipay on November 14th, 2008 at 6:42 am

    please inform me right away if i have passed the LET exams this year.I took the test on september 28,2008. please reply to my website.

  55. wer na poh ung result ng sep.28,2008???tgal na poh un ah????post nio nman…pls…thank you

  56. jay r dela torre on November 14th, 2008 at 7:05 am

    I just wanna know when will you release the result of 2008 let exam. Please send me the result as soon as it release. Thanks.
    Jay r

  57. hi

  58. Sir/Madam,

    please send me the result of exam last september 2008………..thanks and godbless….

  59. i am looking forward for the Board exam for teachers as of September 2008. thank you!!

  60. please send to me the result of LET as of september 28, 2008. thank You!!

  61. Please do post the LET 2008 and Librarians Board Exam Result

  62. ang tagal naman ng result.. kala ko ba second wik.
    sana isa ako sa makapasa…

  63. i cant wait for LET result

  64. Hi guys! I went to PRC this week. They said the reult will be released on or later than Nov 17. So watch out!

  65. pls let me know the result for LET secondary…
    thank you

  66. pls let me know the lists for LET exam PASSERS secondary… can’t wait..pls sent to us… thank you
    good luck!
    god bless

  67. nakakainis..
    an tagal mg post ng let results!
    sana pasa ang ate ko!!

  68. kelan po ba talaga ang result ng LET???………………..

  69. Hay naku naman mga kapatid na mga guro (soon to be), observe nyo naman english grammar niyo…kinikilabutan pa ako na nagbabasa sa mga comments ng karamihan..wag na kasi-english pa…if di kaya i-tagalog niyo na lang pls…dudugo ilong ng iba pang magbabasa..Kahiya po sa aming mga ibang marunong naman mag-english kahit paano…Godbless and Goodluck to everyone who took the LET last september..Let’s hope and pray that we all passed the exam because i believe that we all did our very best to finally own and have a license….

  70. renante rafanan on November 15th, 2008 at 3:02 am

    sana malaman namin kung kailan talaga e post yung result d2. i want sana yong exact date, kung pwede. thank you…

  71. Hi!

    I just want to know the exact date for the release of LET passers. tnx

  72. hillo future teachers kailan ba ung result sa exam bakit ang tagal dba computrizd un!

  73. daisgdasiga nyo man da b ang result bla sa let

  74. nd kamo ka 8cindi ay bleee

  75. please send to my email the result of LET passers Sept 2008.. thanx and more power.

  76. Good morning po sir/madam:
    Ask lang po f when po kaya ma-iirerelease yung result po ng LET for Sept.29,2008..please po pki send nlang po sa e-mail add q po f mayron na pong result….Maraming salamat po..& God bless po….

  77. please send me a complete list of 2008 let passers

  78. hehehe…
    maxado naman kc
    kaU atat…
    just be patient
    it’ll be posted here

  79. graciela lagao foronda on November 15th, 2008 at 6:45 am

    good afternoon po, ask ko lang po f keln release ng board exam ng teachers taken this last september.pkcnd n lng po sa email ko. tnx po.

  80. Hello!! please kindly post the result of the exam here or maybe you can send it to my email. Thanks!!!!

  81. hello philippines!

    please send me the results of BEED LET passers,September 2008

  82. angela astonomo on November 15th, 2008 at 8:44 am

    wen will i know the result of the LET exam for september 2008…pls replt to email..

  83. pls send me the list of passers on september 2008 on my ym accaunt

  84. wer is the result of LEt exam??? wer wil u post it???



  87. Christmas is fast approaching yet the long waited result of let sept 08 is still unseen. Hurry up…. pls men and women of prc. thanks im just excited and nervous.

  88. pls send the list at my account…my account is
    thank you….

  89. wen poh release ng exam??excited no poh xe qng malaman..!!!!pls!!!!!!

  90. wen poh ang exam result????

  91. assssssaaaan nnannnnnnaaaaaaaaaa

  92. bkt po gnun?
    s CPA exam 1 day lng my results n?
    wat took u guys so long to release d results?

  93. kelan po ba tlga mkita result for LET?!
    salamat po.

  94. paki post nalng po ung exact date f kailan erelese ung let passer tnx

  95. kindly send LET result to my email pls…

  96. Pls. send immediately if we have the result already….

  97. haha…uu nga,nkakahiyang basahin ang mga english ng mga gaya kong teachers d2,magtagalog nlang kau oi!imbes present tense dapat past tense nman nilalagay & mga grammar,eewww!pano kau maiging efectiv teacher kung ganyan……
    hays,tagal ng result…

  98. magiging i min…

  99. kailan p ung result ng let exam noong september2008. sana ilabas na

  100. kailan po ba lalabas ang result ng exam… pls paki pasa nman ng result sa email add q…

  101. I just want to say something.. if your going to leave a comment here be sure to read it 100x .. I had read so many comments that are grammatically incorrect.. So please, we all know that thousand of people are reading in this site.. just to avoid any further problem.. Be sure to post a comment with correct word usage and sentence pattern.. Thank you.

  102. helo?when will d LET result b posted?

  103. pls.. make haste to release the result of LET September 2008. Thank you and God Bless to all of us..

  104. good afternoon. LET Takers kaya matagal ung result ng exam natin compared po sa ibang nagtake ng board exam dahil tayo po ang isa sa may pinakamadaming kumukuha ng exam nasa Pilipinas po kasi tayo kaya matagal yung processing ng dalawang board. God Bless PRC. Gawin nyo po ang trabaho nyo ng maayos.

  105. pls…..kelan na po ang labas ng result……mas lalong nka2pressure ang paghihintay

  106. ang tagal naman po….haay…sabi after one month

  107. hhh ang tagal

  108. see it here –

  109. Kailan ho ba tlga lalabas ang result…
    Ang taaaaaaaaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaallll……..!!!

  110. September 2008 LET results are OUT



    Congratulations to us teachers!!! ^_^ Let’s make a better world. 😀

  111. waaaaaaaah….kelan po ba po-post ang result?sana pumasa ako,..gudluck to all EARISTIAN………..

  112. hello po s lahat ng mga PNUans lalo na sa mga oso ng BSE-Fil….. antagal naman po ng results… lalo tuloy nakakatense!!!!!! pro sna lahat po tayo ay mkapasa kahit ano pa ang pamantasan o kolehyong pinagtapusan natin……. nakakainis kc nung msmong exam, mali-mali ung set B, basta alam na un ng mga natapat s set B….. gudlak s ating lahat

  113. tagal nemen po ng result .. lapet na mg2 monts weh after nun exam .. nuu b yan?

  114. please send on mah email address the list of let passers .. ty .. Godspeed

  115. meron ng result. e2 ung link

  116. it has just been released!!!!! check the net!!!!

  117. please send me the complete list of secondary level let 2008 passers


  119. hi p0h!.bkt p0h ang tgal ata ng result nung Sept. ’08 LET?.bka tnubuan nah p0h ng mga lum0t ung mga answr sheets nmin dun..=)

  120. amper maxado ang PRC sa mga future & frustrated tchrz..hihi

    nhihirapan nah p0h buhay nmin sa kaiisip if nkapasa bah kmi o hndi..

  121. when result?

  122. gratz to all biotas!!!!! MMSU-CTE laoag city.. and all passers.. hehe.. im not bse, npadaan lng.. babye

  123. may result na yesterday pa sa prc board exam results. check it out!

  124. I just want o have the list of the result of 2008 Board for Professional for teachers

  125. Good morning to all, kindly let me know the result for LET secondary September 2008…
    thank you

  126. sir/maam gud morning po.pwede po bang malaman kong nakapasa po sister kong si GEMMA BONA sa exan noong sept.2008 LET board exam.maraming salamat po.GOD BLESS U ALL………….

  127. Xian Jane de los Cientos on November 16th, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    pls send me d’ result.ty

  128. pls send me an email of the LET passers

  129. SIR/MADAM,
    MAY I ASK THE 2008 LET PASSERS……….TANX PO!!!!!!!!

  130. SIR /MADAM
    please send to my email the result of LET passers Sept 2008.. thanx and more power.

  131. please send me a complete list of 2008 let passers thanks

  132. MARIA SOCORRO NAVARRETE on November 17th, 2008 at 12:24 am

    Ma’am /Sir,

    I would like to applaud you for already giving out the result for the LET exam for September .I would like to know if there are still deferred? Can you also post the top notchers for the LET sEPTEMBER 2008?

    tHANK YOU very much. MORE POWER.

    ms. navarrete

  133. huhe..ako pud, EXCITED!for my sis….anus-a d i?

  134. please send me a complete list of 2008 LET Passers… ang tagal nman lumabas ng result… anung petsa nah?

  135. aloha! i informed that let passers of september 2008 has been already released. but why notyet posted in the net. please email me the names of all passers. tnx!

    Reggie Urag, Mark Benedicto, Cristina Tanyao, Kaye Bidaya, Llane, Zardon (8th placer), Rose Ignacio, Rosemarie Morales, Lawrence Co.

    Sa inyong lahat na PNU CTP. Magblow-out naman kayo!!!

  137. kailan nyo ba ipost ang let result tagal naman

  138. kelan po ba mg sisimula ang application ng LET for February? Magkakaroon po ba ng exam para sa old curriculum ng CoEd kung babagsak sila…are tthey able to take the new curriculum? lang po salamt…

  139. ramz of PAGRO-COMVAL on November 17th, 2008 at 3:37 am


  140. Please send me a complete list of LET passer last Sept. 2008.
    Bakit ang tagal ng lumabas ng result lahat ng exam napost na maliban sa LET. FASTER………..Hoy Gising!

    GOD Bless You all!

  141. hi sir good day…..i just want to know the result of the LET..thank you and godbless

  142. Sana my result Na!!!!!!!!11111111111

  143. pg-xur oie..fil mo nman kung cnong mgaling..cmpleng english lng nman ginawa mo ah..xur k ba psado ka!!!bka pgtwanan k lng nila..

  144. where’s the result of the LET exam??pls post it!!as soon as possible!!!!!

  145. patience lng guyz i guez thier doing there job naman to give us the result,..ok?

  146. kailan po ang result ng LET EXAM. salamat

  147. plz…
    do inform us…
    my friend who took let exam last september is kinda nervous because of the pressure…
    we want the result to be posted as soon as possible…
    inform us…
    can u send the result on my ym???
    we’re waiting…
    thank you so much….
    God Bless!!!

  148. Crisjin M. Tolentino on November 17th, 2008 at 7:07 am


    Kindly send to me the list of LET results last September 2008.


  149. hello po gusto ko lang malaman kung nakapasa po ba ang cousin ko na c marriane yparraguirre sa let exam??

  150. dali na ang result sa let be..
    ky pra makit an nako ang name sa aukung yayabz..

  151. ang tagal nman anu ang ginagawa nyo sayang ang binabyad sa inyo

  152. i nid the lists of he passers

  153. good day po mam/sir:
    kailan po ba malaman ang result ng let for sept.2008 ………please po paki send nalang po sa email-add ko po if mayron nang result po……..thank u po..&good bless po..

  154. please send me in my yahoomail of thew list of let passers

  155. haaay ate april wala naman pang results?/??? sino naman nag sav na merun nahhhhhhhh? ala pa naman’

    Please post it as soooooonnnnn as posible pwde? tagal na nyan ha ‘

  156. IREISH MAE RUTA on November 17th, 2008 at 9:11 am

    oh GOD..tnk u very much…i passed the LET…i’m now a licensed teacher…

    for all the passers…congratulation…………
    God is good all the tym..

  157. nasa manila bulletin na po ang result!!

  158. Thanks… I had passed the exam, God bless you all.

  159. please send me the result asap of the let passers for 2008 sept.

  160. Geralene M. Villaro on November 17th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    did Geralene Marilao Villaro passed the LET examination?

  161. EmeLda Vargas CoquiLLa on November 17th, 2008 at 11:59 am

    heLow pO..

    Ask co Lan pO kunG comPlete n pO b ung Mga resuLts ng SEPT 2008 LET Examnation 4 Elementary??.
    pLs kindLy Send it to my YahoOMaiL..

    thank You pO!! ü

  162. kindly send the list of all successfull examinees on the last September 2008 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) on my email given above.

  163. 2008 LET passers

  164. ..thank GOd i passed the LET …..

    congratulations sa mga nakapasa…sa mga hindi naman,don’t lose hope…maybe God prepared the the better one for you…

  165. hellow good eve…..kelan po malalman ung result ng board exam this 2008,,,,tanx

  166. pls send me a copy of the september 2008 LET… wen will u post the results… We’re waiting, a lot of us are waiting…

  167. paano po makkabili ng ticket para sa oath taking.thanks.

  168. I want to see the result of teachers board exam last sept.2008.

  169. Sir/madam,

    please send me a complet list of 2008 let passers.

  170. pkisend nmn poh result ng let exam.. ung latest… tnx

  171. carrie how may i help you on November 18th, 2008 at 5:03 am

    in behalf of all the examinees, we are constantly and patiently waiting for the results/hoping that most of us who deserve to pass will soon be given the opportunity to share the abilities endowed to us to be of help to our fellow men aspecially our beloved country men. sharot..hwakakakakak

  172. carrie how may i help you on November 18th, 2008 at 5:04 am

    in behalf of all the examinees, we are constantly and patiently waiting for the results/hoping that most of us who deserve to pass will soon be given the opportunity to share the abilities endowed to us to be of help to our fellow men especially our beloved country men. sharot..hwakakakakak(typo) sorry naman

  173. gud pm…can u please sent to my email the list of teachers board passers september 28,2008…..thank you…god bless…

  174. maridel caballero on November 18th, 2008 at 10:46 am

    pls send me the result of the let board exam last sept 2008…i need the result…asap..thanks

  175. ..hallu po..kelan po ang result ng let..please po paki send nalang thru my email..thnx…

  176. ..please lang po…i send nyo nalang po sa aking email ang list ng mga passer sa let elem..thnx po…

  177. hoy!!!!!!!!!!!!kelan nyo ba e-rerelease ang “RESULTA ng mga TEACHERS”
    EXCITED NA ANG MGA ANAK NAMIN…………………………………………………………………

  178. wen will be the posting of the result of let teacher passers

  179. plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………..
    ilabas nyo na ang LET result……………..
    nanggigigil na kami…………..
    were so excited….


  180. madel magdangan on November 19th, 2008 at 5:54 am

    plz send me the result of
    LET or just comment if i pass the exam………… plz

  181. orline louise taruc on November 19th, 2008 at 11:50 am

    pls send on my email add the result of my exam…

  182. please, send the list as what you said i am… is it true you said i am passed…pls. be it

  183. thank you, if it is true…

  184. sna kapas,

  185. i passed the exam with flying colors..thanks to you God! congrats to those who made it also..=) guys, the result was released as early as nov 16, visit the prc website or it was also published on newspapers, nov 17.

  186. madam and sir:
    kindly send to my email the result of board exam last September 28, 2008

  187. may cabarrubias on November 21st, 2008 at 2:08 am

    hi pow. paano po kami makakabili ng ticket

  188. im just wondering if where are the list of who pass the exam…

  189. juvilyn malinao on November 22nd, 2008 at 6:20 am

    plz snd me the result of let..

  190. can we know na bah kung kailan nio ippublish ung result ng exam ng mga LET examinees?????? ang tagal na kc hndi pa na pupublish!!!!! aabutin ba xa ng 10 taon?????

  191. Michael Floyd Tilendo 17506 on November 22nd, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE PASSSERS!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    Notre Dame Of Marbel University! keep it up!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! congratulations! BATCH 2008 passers! we are the best! wahehehehe!! tc

  192. pls send to me the complete list of elentary and secondary LET Passers. Tnx much!
    I’ll be wating:-)

  193. puwede po bang pakisend sa e-mail account ko ung list ng mga nakapasa sa teachers board exam for elementary ………..maraming salamat po!!!!!

  194. pwd ba malaman kong nakapasa po ba si joel jala sa let exam last saptember 2008 for secondary?

  195. hi,ladies and gentlemen pki release ang results dugaya uie pasar lang unta ni exama uie

  196. HAAAAAY ! bakit di ako nakapasa ????
    nakakainis . chaka ! hahahaha .

  197. ..mowning pUh..

    ..dmi n exc!ted s rwesuLt kaso la pa eh..

    ..hopefully n sana lUmabas na..


  198. bakit wala pa akong natanggap na result sa exam ko noong september 28,2008.diba kahit na hindi ka nakapasa maireleas yon!!tnx

  199. —-it hurts God!!!!—–
    Congrats sa mga pumasa!!!

  200. can you please send me the result of LET passers last September 28 2oo8. thankyou

  201. please send me the results of LET passers September 28.2008.thankyou somuch

  202. please send me the results in my email add.. LET result september 28,2008….thankyou much..

  203. can u please send the list of september Let passers in my account., elementary level, thank you

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