July 2008 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) Results

Update:The July 2008 CIVIL SERVICE EXAM results is out! Congrats to the passers.

Looking for the July 2008 CSC Career Service Examination, Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) results for professional and subprofessional levels?

The CSE-PPT exam officiated by Civil Service Commission last July 27, 2008 is not yet available as of this moment. The result will be posted soon once the CSC made it available to public.

Stay tuned for July 2008 CSC CSE-PPT exam results update. You may also subscibe in our free rss feed if you want us to notify you the 2008 CSC results to directly to your inbox.


Click the following link for the the result Career Service Exam July 2008 but for March 2008 CSC exam results instead, then I suggest you check out this link.

All the best to all. Have a nice day.

To check the if you are in the list of passers, you have to know there Region where you applied for Civil Service Exam, click the button next to the type of civil service you took (professional or subprofessional).  If you  are not in the list, that means you havn’t reach the 80% passing mark.  You may use the csc online report rating.

Stay tune for the July 2008 CSE-PPT Topnotchers.

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136 Responses to “July 2008 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) Results”

  1. BRIANN B. RODRIGUEZ on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:27 am

    i may the result of CSC EXAM last July 2008

  2. BRIANN B. RODRIGUEZ on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:28 am

    result of CSC exam last July 27, 2008

  3. saudia m. tepace on September 4th, 2008 at 9:42 am

    pwede pasend sa july 2008 na civil service exam result…thanx..

  4. Heluer! I’m too excited to know the result of the recent(JULY 27,2008) CSE-PPT…Yahoooooo

  5. STACEY C. MENDOZA on September 8th, 2008 at 4:57 am

    Heluer! I’m too excited to know the result of the recent(JULY 27,2008) CSE-PPT…Yahoooooo

  6. hey!!result namn jan

  7. do we have to wait a century before the result of the exam be release???????? Pls. with all due respect we are quite antagonize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Much of us are relying on the exam result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DELMAR JAKE U. HAMOY on September 17th, 2008 at 8:03 am

    helo, I want to know the result of my son’s examination last July,2008 di nako makatulog.kinakabahan ako.

  9. pa send naman sa email ko ung result ng july 27 2008 CSE-PPT result

  10. sana pasado ako huhuhu

  11. haller… walang result dito puro comment gusto mo… hayz ang poor poor niyo talaga… eww civil service exan really suck its such a waste of money… daaaaaaaaaa!!!! rich kids like us would take drivers license exam so that we can vroom vroom hahahahaha… ewww cse makes you vrahhh vrahhh hayz poor people talaga… vroom vroom are for rich keds

  12. Kindly inform us to when will be the publication of the result of the recent CSE-PPT Examinations(July 27, 2008)

  13. sir/madam, pwede na po bang malaman ang result ng july 2008 exam?salamat

  14. we have waited enough for the examination result last july 27 and still not it is not available…how long would it take for us to end this waiting???with all due reapect,,,please do your part so you may show the public how competent your office is!!!

  15. ala pa yata ang result huhu bagsak ata ako wew

  16. maghintay kayong lahat…
    puro kayo dada wala naman kayo sinabi

  17. Hello po!gusto ko lang malaman kung kaylan ilalabas ang examination result for july 27 2008?

  18. pwede poh ba malaman yung result ng mga passers ng civil service exam last july 2008?..tnx n advance

  19. naku, katawatawa ito site na ito…..
    puro comment andito wala result……


  20. tgal ng sistema nyu…
    kinakalawang na ata mga makina na pang check nyu e…

    2months na la pdn

  21. nelissa t. handayan on September 30th, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    gd day!
    may i know the result of july 27,2008 civil service examination..
    please….thank you and god bless you all

  22. gud day!
    pls. send me the result of the csc-ppt last july 27, 2008 sa email koh poh aizshea@yahoo.com..
    thank u!
    and God Bless!!

  23. san na ang result ng july 27,2008 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) results?

  24. hey, its been more than 2 months already and still no result of the july 2008 exam? whew…what a disappointment..

  25. tagal nmn ng result ng exam last july? kelan po kya mapopost ung result?

  26. were is the result we badly need to know!please… what’s your jobs for…

  27. ang tagl naman ng result…pls pakibilisan u naman..para makahinga n ng maluwag…

  28. please submit immediately the passers of july CSE.. I deadly need it..PLEASE!

  29. graveh naman ang tagal ng result.

  30. 3mos. pa ang result sa exam natin. Let’s be patient guys kac marami ung nageexam,dba?? & besides madali lng naman ang ikot ng panahon.


  31. i can’t wait the result…I though after 1 month may result na?

  32. I’m also waiting for the CSC-PPT prof exam. Wonder when they’ll decide to announce the results?

    Anyway, nakakainis to si AyiKyoko ah. Magcocomment na nga lang ang stupid-stupid pa. Hahay.

  33. Ei, I want to know the civil service exam…. O_O Make it fast please, Thanks and no power to all :)

  34. pwd po pasend nh result?tnx..

  35. san na po ung result ng CS exam???

    it seems available na sa cs site pro object not found kc eh!

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  37. Sir/Madam,
    When was the posting of CSE-PPT exam result?

  38. results are out..

    visit http://www.csc.gov.ph

    congratz sa lahat ng pumasa.. 😀

  39. Elvira Fernandez on October 8th, 2008 at 6:06 am

    please send me the resent result CS Exam last July 27, 2008
    thank you

  40. Please send me the latest result of Civil service Exam last July 27, 2008 as soon as its available
    thank you

  41. rosalinda e. soriano on October 8th, 2008 at 7:53 am

    please send us the result of July 27, 2008 csc prof exam.ppt

  42. bilis bilisan nyo nman ang resulta nang examination ang tagal mga lousy kau..

  43. ismah boyet bob on October 8th, 2008 at 9:01 am

    kelan po tlga ang result?tagal n kc eh.sna dumating n………..thx

  44. Goodluck to all of us guys who have taken up the csc ppt exam last july 2008…Kudos to all of those who will pass!!! May you aim to contribute something good for the people when you are already serving in the government…we have waited long enough…and i think this is just a test of patience for all of us…we have seen the effect of such lack of urgency…we should not do the same when we are there!

  45. please send me a copy of the july civil service result. thamx

  46. can u pls send me a copy of the july 08 civil service exam result? i experienced difficulty in downloading it in the cs website.. thank you..

  47. when will be the proper date of the result sir/maam, ahmm worried lng eh pra mka prep ako or kami sa next examination date… poor kasi kami kaya d madali mg hanap ng pera…. tanx a lot more powers!!!!

  48. ehhhheeeeem

  49. joditadelacruz on October 9th, 2008 at 1:11 am

    Bakit ganun ‘yung website ng CSC?Nagluluko! Ibig sabihin ba nito ang mabagal na pag-usad ng resulta ng mga exams o sadyang mabagal ang webmaster ng nasabing website!hayyy! GISING!

  50. ang tagal naman ng result ng exam! naiinip na ako!

  51. Anna Carolina V.Lucenda on October 9th, 2008 at 3:45 am

    good day! makisuyo lng po. please send to me the passers of July CSE. It is already available on CSC website but the site is always out of order… I passed but may I know my rating!
    Thank you very much!

  52. Anna Carolina V.Lucenda on October 9th, 2008 at 3:47 am

    this is my email ad…lucenda12@yahoo.com

  53. nandyan na ung result for july 2008 sa main site ng Civil Service Comm!!! ***kaba kaba kaba***

  54. asan na ung result? ang tagal!

  55. July 2008 civil service result

  56. they already posted the result but the website is experiencing
    problems! hard to access the results!!ggggrrr

  57. please naman po..where are the results? sabi nyo 2 months after? ang tagal naman po ng result? we badly need din naman po yun… sana naman, paki publish na.. so we know… ang tagal naman na po kasi… please naman po… please…………………………….

  58. haaay!kilan pa kaya lalabas ang result ng exam noon JULY 2008?..excited na me eh!..

  59. its out!

  60. Eufemio D. Pacada jr on October 10th, 2008 at 6:15 am

    send me a result last july 27, 2008 its too long naman to wait, wala parin

  61. Thank God I passed the exam!!!! let’s celebrate!

  62. all i know is that july 27,2008 civil service exam result will be posted after 1-2 mos. how come that until now wala pa japon.

  63. Merry Gen Calma on October 11th, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Hi! good day. there’s a problem in your system. kindly check it out as soon as possible.its not user’s friendly and i cant get through in your latest update about the july,2008 exam. Thank you.

  64. Please send me the result, this is my email add, abstractbj2003@yahoo.com

  65. hmmmp… di ako excited.. di ko nga natapos eh… asar… la ako watch nun… hinulaan ko na lang sana yung MATH.. huhu…

    peace… :-)

  66. i cannot read the result for the civil service exam last july 2008.

  67. hi po good day!…until when po kami mag hihintay sa result nang civil service exam?please send me the result as soon as possible.I guess you already have my email add as it is requiered…thanks and Godbless..

  68. send na lang po ng result ng exam, sana naka pasa ako kung hindi take two ulit..

  69. Cherrie Aiza Mangonon on October 12th, 2008 at 8:14 am

    result nga sa civil service exam

  70. asan ang mga names nang nka pass sa exam last july 27..??

  71. please send me a copy of the exam result on july 2008….. urgent

  72. pls send asap

  73. pls send sa email k ang result ng csc exam….pls……..thank you very much

  74. pls send me the result of csc exam last july 27,2008

  75. pls.send me the result of exam.as far as i know 1-2 mos. after d exam will be posted.bt ang tagal until nw.ala p.

  76. july27 2008,exam result.plz.poh pki send.tnx

  77. sabi nla nkapasa dw ako!!!!!…well until now hndi ko pa nkkta ang result. . .sana 22o. . jeje

  78. kelen pa ang result????????????????

  79. jorosa agnes m carpio on October 15th, 2008 at 2:33 am

    san na ung result ng exam? san makikita list of passers? tnx!

  80. san po makikita list of passers sa csc-ppt july 27, 2008

  81. paki post nman ung result ng july 27, 2008 s csc exam region 5

  82. paki send naman sakin yung result ng civil service exam…tnx..

  83. hi gud day
    sana ma post na po ninyo ang result sa cse exam last july 27,2008. kc gusto ko na pong malaman ang result if nakapasa ba ako..thanks and god bless and more power ..

  84. pls send me the result at dinecallejo@yahoo.com…tnx

  85. excited to know the result of CSC last July 27, 2008. Please post it soon.

  86. Good news! The results are already posted at the official wesite of CSC http://www.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/exam_results.html

    Good luck to everyone!

  87. Janis Ian Samiano on October 16th, 2008 at 6:12 am

    salamat naman at pumasa ako… :)

  88. hi a pleasant eve.. ahm my result na po ba sa CSE last july 27 2008? I’ll wait ur reply..thnx, and godbless….

  89. A plesant 2 all.. may i know the result of CSE..? I’ve been waitng 4 a months..i hope u will be post the result of CSE..thank you and more power God Bless!

  90. sana po mkita ko na ang result ng exam ko noong july 27, 2008 as soon as possible?
    sana po mpabilis kc po madaming nghihintay ng resulta kailanga n po kc yun
    thanks po sir/mom?
    i wish mgawa nyo ng mblis?
    para lhat msaya bgsk man opasado?
    thanks po ulit?god bless you all?

  91. more power 2 you?

  92. san po ba makikita ang list of passers? hindi ko po kasi mahanap eh…pakisend nalang po sa email add ko…sassy_1786@yahoo.com…thnx po…

  93. good day po. I thought it will only takes 2 months for the result to be known to the passers.As it is announced during the exam. It is already mid of October. And we haven’t got any. So sorry but we badly need that result. Hope it will be post soon. Thanks so much and God bless to you all… Again sorry kung makulit kami…

  94. just wanna have the lists of july cse-ppt passers…….tanx

  95. just want to know my average during the csc examination last july 27,2008

  96. thanks for posting the civil service exam results..

  97. hey..!ilabas nyo na ang result..excited na ako..plz……………..

  98. ilabas nyo na ang cse-ppt list..plz…nung july 27,2008

  99. The results of the CSE have been released a month ago. I’m just wondering how can I know my grade? The online report of rating only works for those people who failed to meet the grade requirement for the CSE. How can those people, who passed, know their ratings in the exam?

  100. BENEDICK A. MACARAIG on November 13th, 2008 at 12:33 am

    pls help me to find the result of CSC last july 27, 2008. kasi as of now wala pa rin yata

  101. Kailan po matatanggap ung letter kung nakapasa ka.
    Ilang percent and pumasa ngayon.
    may mga top passers ba?

  102. gilbert immoliap on November 17th, 2008 at 9:07 am

    its already 4 months now since July 27 and still no results compared to the exam of LET secondary which was held last September in which the results are already available. when would be the results? after 10 years? this is not a joke!!! please take action to that. time is passing. more power to csc…

  103. CHONA D. NISPEROS on November 18th, 2008 at 3:10 am

    could you please send us via mail the result of our exam last july 2008 for the csc ppt exam professional and sub prof. you may used out mailing ad through this page. thank you. hoping for your respone sooner.

  104. plz..pkisend nlang ng result! anong oras nah! nobyembre nah!

  105. how could i get the result of cscppt july 2008?

  106. kailan ba ang result??sana mkapasa ako

  107. elow.para daw sa poor ang civil service???
    eeew.para un sa mga my utak…
    kesa nmn puro luho,vroom vroom?..un ang pang walang pangarap..
    un ang eeewww..
    ayikyoko ms eeew un..rich kid?

    congrats sa mga pumasa..

  108. Ang tagal ng result nauna ko pang nalaman na CPA na ako bago ko nalaman na pumasa ako sa Civil Service… yan tuloy di ko na kailangan ang ung result hehehe pano ba makuha ung rating ng pumasa?

  109. Good evening po…Can I ask po,if kelan po ulit Civil Service Examination? Pakisend naman po sa e-mail add ko,pwede rin po ba pa share ng reviewers? Thank you po and Godbless po!!!

  110. Good evening po…Can I ask po,if kelan po ulit Civil Service Examination? Pakisend naman po sa e-mail add ko,pwede rin po ba pa share ng reviewers? Thank you po and Godbless po!!!

  111. pls…. pa send naman po ng result nung july 2008.. exited na rin po kasi ko malaman ung result thanks.. God bless.

  112. to all concern bakit ang tagal di naman nadedelayed ang sahod niyo ah. remember and sahod nyo nagmumula sa bulsa ng taong bayan.

  113. this is it, from santiago City po ito matanong ko lang po di ba ang isang government employee po pag may 6mos. na automatic for permanency. bakit po mas nauuna pa yung mga iba kahit kulang pa ang requirements eh ok lang na mapermanent. pakisolutionan yan. kasi nangako si mayor amy tapos di nya tinupad.

  114. Hi gud am po.pwede po bang malaman kung sinong author ng csc book reviewer ang dapat kong bilihin kasi gusto ko pumasa sa examination kasi last time dapat magtitake ako ng exam kaya lang natakot ako kasi alam ko na hindi pa ako handa dahil isang reviewer pa lang ang nababasa ko….sabi kasi ng mga friend ko mahirap yung exam pero pumasa naman yung iba……sana po isend you sa email ko yung best reviewer to pass the exam….thanks………….

  115. i just want to know when is the result of CSE result of October 2009 exam… tnx

  116. i just want to know, if when is the result of CSE result of October 2008 Exam…. tnx…

  117. pa view nman nang exam result sa novmber civil service exams..tagal, d tuloy kmi mkapag aply nang work..huhuh.thnaks

  118. gud day! kelan at san makita list of passers in the civil service Examination given last November 16, 2008??? tenchu

  119. Good day! I would like to know the result of the Nov. 16, 2008 prof. examination. thanks!


  121. pls. send the result of my exam, whether i pass or not… please.. its very hard to catch the result….

  122. pls. send the result of my exam, whether i pass or not… please.. its very hard to catch the result….tnx

  123. last july 2008 pow……

  124. halleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    guyszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… if u want the result of the exam and it already took 2months of waiting please go to ur nearest civil service office… the results is already there no….

  125. yeah… i agree with u teh… the 1 who coment a vrooom2x..that rich kid… daH… then why did you took the exam if your already rich… i dont think you are… !

  126. bakit po hindi ma.view ang result nang latest exam.. ano ba yan?
    ecited pa naman ako nang frends ko

  127. bakit ganon

  128. helo po,

    pwede ko bang malaman kung kailan ulit ang sked ng civil service exam?
    Can u pls send it to my mail… kuoipu@yahoo.com
    Thank u po…
    More power…

  129. Balais, Bernadette on August 8th, 2009 at 2:47 am

    Good Day!


    Thank you a more power…

  130. Congratulations Mr. Mark Joseph T. Fernandez! First (1st) Place for the November 16, 2008 Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test Region VII! Nice One!

  131. i would like to know the results of july 27, 2009 civil service exam

  132. Bakit kaya alang nilabas na ranking ang result for July 2008 CSC exam? ung iba month meron sila topnotchers..top10 pa nga e..bakit yung July 2008 ala?ano ba yan? SANA naman may ilabas din ranking para alam ng batch namen kung ano ang highest avergae nun? pls???

  133. kindly send me my rating on the July 22, 2007 csc-professional exam result taken indavao city..tnx

  134. please send me thru my email add: http://www.rdjaugan@yahoo.com, my rating on the July 22, 2007 csc-professional exam result taken in davao city..tnx

  135. http://adriananthonys.blogetery.com/

  136. hello until now wala pa rin ba result ng exam july 2008 CSC exam what year na ba?pls lang do your job, maraming naghihintay sa result.,thank you..

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